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Her friends on the beach gripped her arms to hold her back.

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A growing group of family members, friends and strangers was already mobilizing. Coast Guard search-and-rescue teams use computer modeling to calculate how long a person in distress can survive in open water, ing for age and body type. Eric Jones searches for Arunay's body during a March helicopter flight. Upon reaching the bottom of the steps leading to Cowell Ranch State Beach, 8-year-old Siddhant Pruthi grabbed a fistful of sand and turned to his older brother, Arunay. It was dark as they ascended the wooden stairs to the overlook and walked to the parking lot to be interviewed for good Fort Myers FL to flirt with a girl police report and await word on their son.

She could feel the sand shifting beneath her feet as she threw herself into the water toward her husband and son. But because the two lifeguards dispatched to the beach did not see the boy, they did not enter the water, said Gabriel McKenna, a State Parks public safety superintendent.

Their mother, who was on the beach with them, lost her entire family. His first instinct was to try to get to Siddhant, but then he spotted Arunay standing on the beach. Amid the incident, Coast Guard officials diverted one date Seattle rican to a second rescue mission, which unfolded less than one hour later. He might be waiting on the beach. In any given year, the Bay Area may see one or two sneaker wave deaths. Arunay was not there, nor were his parents.

On Dec. Bystanders scrambled to find a rope, but David Barba, 31, was gone before they could reach him. They brought a blanket and a backpack full of dry clothes for Arunay. Somehow, the group hauled the family onto the sand: Siddhant, then Tarun, and finally Sharmistha.

Sharmistha and Tarun Pruthi chatted with the others while pitching a tent they had brought to shelter themselves from the midafternoon sun on a warm January day. Tarun called out to Arunay, but he knew Fort Wayne IN i dating the right guy was too late.

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On Nov. Her father charged in after her and survived. The waves that witnesses dating out of your New York had the characteristics of sneaker waves, she said. They affect a subset of coastal areas where the continental shelf is too narrow to provide a buffer from powerful waves unleashed by oceanic storms.

Authorities recovered her body south of Half Moon Bay two weeks later. Sharmistha said she thinks she lost consciousness underwater.

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Sharmistha remembers the question. The toll could have been worse. To avoid unnecessary danger to rescuers, a mission coordinator helps make the decision to end searches when there is no hope.

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The parents could not believe their son was lost. His body was found at Fort Funston weeks later. Xuanxi, her waders filling with water, was pulled under.

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But the period from November to January was deadlier than any stretch authorities had seen before. In the place where Arunay had been, the lights found only the sea. In the split-second it took for Sharmistha to turn around, husband Tarun was already sprinting into the ocean. He ran toward the boy and grabbed his hand.

Dating North Myrtle Beach SC father and his two children. The afternoon of the Pruthi family outing to Cowell Ranch State Beach, the weather was unseasonably warm.

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A woman foraging for sea urchins. Had they spotted him, they would have had to decide whether they could emerge from a rescue mission alive. No single agency tracks sneaker wave deaths year to year. Sneaker waves similarly catch beachgoers off-guard, but are rarer events that strike with much more water meet guys from Vancouver WA with the force to knock adults off their feet.

Jones is founder of Sea Valor, which teaches sailing to people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The waves sometimes arrive in sets, the first few the most powerful.

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The next Sunday, Jan. First, a wave pulled three friends into the ocean beneath Point Bonita Lighthouse at the Marin Headlands. His body washed ashore at Fort Funston in San Francisco nearly a month later. The tight-knit pandemic bubble of four families often met along the San Mateo County coast on weekends. The National Weather Service alerted the public dating in Gainesville FL girls perilous high tides, rip currents and sneaker waves on 41 days between November and February — twice as many as the same period a year earlier.

In the aftermath, they wanted two things: to find his body and to make sure no parent lost casual date night Palmdale same way again. The beach was full of families. Day, his family never imagined that he or anyone else could be at risk. When they descended the staircase, they encountered two strangers who had heard a boy was missing and were searching the sand.

It was spinning me. Sharmistha ran after him. Tarun and Sharmistha ed them, roaming the quarter-mile stretch before heading back to the hotel after midnight. Kulkarni ed the rush fitness dating Kansas friends and family to the shoreline and saw Arunay.

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Sharmistha, surrounded by the strangers who she said saved her life, regained her senses and stood. There was, they explained, little chance of finding the boy alive. But the sand began moving beneath their feet, tugging them toward the ocean. The water swelled up to their knees.

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More calls followed; recordings obtained by The Chronicle capture harrowing screams in the background as callers beg for help. Using real-time data from ocean buoys, the teams try to predict where a person would drift. He sped down the coast divorced dating Santa Barbara waves as high as 20 feet.

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A toddler on a holiday outing. Forty miles down the coast, at Pescadero State Beach, a wave overtook year-old Redwood City resident Xuanxi He and her husband as they looked for sea urchins. On the beach, friends and strangers linked arms to form Evansville IN lankan culture dating human chain. She remembers begging whoever asked it to let her go into the water after Arunay.

Two made it back to shore, but the third, identified only as a San Jose resident in his 30s, has not been found. Unbeknownst to the parents, as their attention was focused on saving Siddhant, another huge wave had hit the shoreline and swept Arunay into the ocean. According to a California State Parks incident report, personnel from seven government agencies responded to the remote beach, whose entrance lay date in Ocala FL search the end of a half-mile footpath through mustard flower fields.

Rocked by the force of the oncoming waves, soon, all three were immersed in the churning water. But they had survived. He was referring to the rocks in the sand, nothing more. Three hours after resuming operations in the morning, two Coast Guard representatives met the Pruthis at the hotel.

The first call came at p. He did not think they were in danger, he said. From an overlook, rescuers pointed binoculars at the water.

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Dating San Francisco an adult Wyman, 40, drowned while trying to save his two children, 7-year-old Anna and discreet meets of Seattle John, who had been swept to sea.

Tarun and Sharmistha lacked the strength to stand. Coast Guard helicopter whirred overhead, its roving search lights trained on the ocean. State Parks labeled his disappearance an aquatic incident; the National Weather Service called it a high-surf death, referring to the category of warnings in effect that day. Smith maneuvered the boat to the area where those on the cliff had last seen Arunay. A rip current was pulling the boy farther and farther away.

Meteorologists track oceanic storms to predict when sneaker waves will come crashing into the Northern California coast days later. Date a Fremont boy one blasted Siddhant as he tried to run from it, first knocking him down and then dragging him under.

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After several attempts to propel himself toward Siddhant during the lull between waves, Tarun could not reach his son. There is no warning against sneaker waves, which strike Bay Area beaches with far greater regularity than nigerians in Odessa TX dating. For them, the search for Arunay was just beginning. Sometimes called sleeper waves, they form during offshore storms that transfer energy to the ocean surface.

After tumbling for what he estimates was about 30 seconds, he was thrown back to shore, where someone pulled him to safety. A man taking a break from his job as a handyman. The husband washed back to shore and survived. A tragic fact united the seven deaths: They occurred on days authorities had issued coastal hazard warnings.