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Macon, Georgia is a historic city with a relaxing and laidback vibe that makes for the perfect vacation.

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Respondents were also asked to rate their local news organization on a 1 strongly disagree to 5 strongly agree scale regarding how well seven adjectives that relate to credibility and trust described their local news outlet.

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The resulting averages were 2. To help understand whether people could spot fake news, participants in each survey were shown three different headlines.

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However, close to half of all participants said they had dating services Pasadena TX ok shared a false story in the past. Caroline Murray Senior Research Associate.

More than a fourth of respondents said they were very confident and more than half said they were somewhat confident. One of them was untrue, as noted in Table 5.

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We asked respondents to rate how often they share news and create their own content on social media on a scale of 1 never to 6 once a day or more often. Table 4 shows these percentages. Very few people reported being not at all confident in their ability to spot a made-up article.

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University of Texas at Austin. Participants had the most difficulty identifying news content, with about half of participants correctly identifying it. Gina M. Respondents expressed some confidence in their ability to figure out if online information was correct and reliable, with average responses ranging from 3. More than half the respondents in the Fresno and Kansas City surveys correctly identified the fake headline.

See Table 6.

News awareness in fresno, kansas city, and macon

Respondents said that it became slightly harder to tell the difference when consuming The TelegraphThe Fresno Bee, The Kansas City Staror the news media in general, with the averages rising closer to 3 neither difficult nor easy. Respondents from Macon had more trouble identifying the fake headline. Center for Media Engagement researchers programmed the survey using Qualtrics, collected and analyzed surveyand produced this preliminary report. Respondents were asked to rate their news usage on a best Binghamton NY dating not at all to 5 more than once a day scale separately for local news, national news, and their local news organization.

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Download Full Report. More than half the participants in the Macon and Kansas City surveys were from those geographic areas, although for the Pueblo woman for dating survey, only About half the participants are female, and three-quarters are white.

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Together, we deed and tested an online survey tool that news organizations can use to improve transparency, engagement, and mutual understanding with the communities they serve. Participants accessed the survey through a link, and then completed it on their own computers after consenting to participate.

However, participants got news from nigerian Dakota dating three local outlets much less often — on average once a week or less frequently.

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Free dating Island KY ladies also did not seem to feel the news organizations engaged with them, and they felt low trust for the news organizations. In all 4, people who live in Fresno, Kansas City, and Macon took the survey.

See the demographics table in the full report.

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Table 1 shows percentages of how people categorized each of the four types of news content. Each of the news organizations had provided a news event that they covered extensively for this question. Most survey participants said they consumed national news on average about once a day and local news in general slightly less often.

Then the responses to all nine statements were averaged together. About two thirds correctly recognized the analysis piece.

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More than half of the respondents in the Fresno survey Respondents were asked to share how easy it was for them to tell the difference between opinion content single Tempe AZ girls looking for older men news reporting on a scale of 1 very easy to 5 very difficult for the news media in general, local news media, and each of the three regional outlets.

Alex Curry Faculty Research Associate. Center for Media Engagement. The most consistently used strategy was to look at which news source published the story, with the average response being 1. The average responses for each adjective among the three local news outlets varied from 2.

Implications for newsrooms

Respondents reported being somewhat less likely to always search for other similar news reports, although on average they still reported doing so most of the time. Table 3 on the next shows these averages. Respondents rated how often they take certain actions when verifying the authenticity of a news article on a scale of 1 all of the time to 5 never.

Table 2 shows these percentages. For the Kansas City survey, responses i Midland dating a younger man about evenly divided into thirds between those who had heard a lot, a little, or nothing at all about the Kansas City Airport project.

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On average, respondents reported sharing news on social media about once a week. We asked respondents to write down the first word that came to their minds when we showed them three terms: news, local news, and the name of their local news organization e. Also, more than a fourth of participants in each survey were unable to correctly pick out a fake news headline. Table 5 on the next shows percentages of people who thought each headline was fake. People were randomly ased to one of four headlines and le and asked which dating Danbury a black woman they thought the content was.

Respondents were then presented with a list of four statements about how often they check the validity of a story before sharing it and asked to choose the one that most accurately described them. Respondents from all three surveys also said they looked at who shared the story with them and what evidence the story contained all or most of the time to assess the my date in Fairfield of stories.

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from all three surveys showed that participants thought it was the easiest to distinguish between news reporting and opinion content for local news in particular, with the average being 2. They were less likely to create their Alabama dating scammers content on social media, with an average of about once or twice a month.

The collaboration also included feedback from the Media Education Lab at the University of Rhode IslandAmerican Press Institute, Google Surveys, and those who commented on blog posts of a draft of the survey questions. However, more than half of participants from the Fresno survey Slightly less than half in Macon Yet, respondents from all three surveys expressed at least some confidence in their ability to recognize a fake news story.

We recruited participants for the experiment using by disseminated the surveys through Facebook between May flirt Indianapolis finch and June 8. As far as political affiliation, date ideas Macon ks than a third of respondents for the Macon and Fresno surveys identified as Republicans, while the Kansas City survey has white girl seeking Delaware guy larger proportion of Asheville NC mass dating service who considered themselves independents.

People generally expressed confidence in their ability to find information online and to figure out if an online news story is credible.

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They also get news from the three outlets less often than national news media or local news media in general. Respondents were presented with a series of nine positive statements deed to assess the level of connection and trust that the three local news outlets have with their community. We also tested whether free chat no registration Chicago could tell the difference between four types of news content — news stories, opinion pieces, analysis, and sponsored content — based only on the headline and the lead paragraph.

Of the people who do share online news, only 3. The majority of participants from all three surveys said they always or sometimes check the accuracy of what they share. were fairly consistent across all three cities. They also report frequently checking the accuracy of a story by looking at what news organization published the story and gathering information from other sources before sharing the story.

While the survey respondents dating advice for women Santa Barbara better impressions of local news than news in general, their opinions of the specific news organizations were slightly more negative. Among potential criticisms the respondents seemed to have about the news is they saw it as biased and lacking transparency.

Key findings

Respondents were asked how much, if anything, they knew about a major news event in their communities. Average scores ranged from 3. A ificant portion bak page woman seeking man in Fargo ND said that they never share news on social media.

News awareness in Fresno, Kansas City, and Macon. Using the same scale, participants rated whether they gather ideas from several news sources to get a full picture when they are interested in a topic.